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ILLiad Aleph Catalog Addon

NameAleph Catalog
AuthorIDS Project
DescriptionThe Aleph Catalog addon executes a search of the library's Aleph Web OPAC Catalog. It was developed and tested against Aleph v18.01.


Download zip file:


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

AutoSearchTrueBooleanDetermines whether or not the search should be done automatically when the request is opened.
AlephBaseURLMy_SublibrarystringThe local base value of the Aleph sub-library that will be the target of a search.
CatBrandMy Local BrandingstringThe string to be displayed on the Search Tab within ILLiad. This would typically be your catalog's
UseOCLCNumTrueBooleanDefines whether the search should use the OCLC Number as a search option. If set to true the system will use The OCLCNumber, if available, as the first search option. If set to false it will use the ISBN/ISSN followed by the contents of the title field. Set to false only if your Aleph system is not indexed to search OCLC numbers. If set to false any OCLCNumber present will not be examined.