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ILLiad Netflix Search Addon

NameNetflix Search
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe Netflix Search Addon allows you to search Netflix automatically for loan requests in Borrowing or Doc Del using the LoanTitle.


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Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

AutoSearchTrueBooleanDefines whether the search should be automatically performed when the form opens.
AutoLoginFalseBooleanDefines whether the addon automatically logs into Netflix.
UsernameTextStringThe username used to log into Netflix if AutoLogin is enabled.
PasswordTextStringThe password used to log into Netflix if AutoLogin is enabled.

Using this Addon

  1. Open a request and click on the Netflix tab.
  2. If Netflix has been set to sign in and search automatically for the LoanTitle, the form will open to a list of the search results from Netflix using the account information provided in the Manage Accounts settings for Netflix. If the Netflix Username and Password are not provided in the Manage Accounts settings for Netflix, the Netflix Sign In form displays when you click the Netflix tab.
  3. A search will automatically be performed for the Loan Title and the results will be displayed.
  4. If the search is not set to start automatically, you will see a blank page instead of a list of Netflix Search results.
  5. Start the search by clicking the Search button on the Netflix ribbon.
  6. Use the Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh buttons in the Netflix ribbon to move between pages, refresh pages and stop loading a page.
  7. Click on the item in Netflix you want to select to bring up that item page.
  8. If this is the item you want to use, you can order the item through Netflix.