Odyssey Client Documentation

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Odyssey Standalone electronic document delivery software allows you to send and receive electronic documents to and from other Odyssey sites, ILLiad sites and any other vendor's software that supports the Odyssey protocol.

The software is available via free download from Atlas Systems.  Odyssey Client version

A link to this documentation is available on the upper right-hand side of the Main form of the Odyssey Client. Click the Question Mark icon to go directly to the Odyssey Client documentation.

Links to the OCLC Policies Directory within the Odyssey Client allow you to access OCLC quickly to search for an OCLC symbol, let libraries know you are ready to lend and receive documents, and find other Odyssey libraries.

Participate in the Odyssey Client Community Discussion at https://support.atlas-sys.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000377927-Odyssey-Client-standalone-Odyssey-

Highlights of the Odyssey electronic delivery system

Send and Receive Electronic Documents

  • Send PDF files to systems that support it.
  • Automatically add a coversheet to incoming and completed documents.
  • Review, insert, delete, rotate, crop and deskew items sent and received.
  • Rescan any incorrectly scanned pages.
  • Send black, grayscale, color or a combination of formats in the same document.

Standards Based

  • Use any scanner that has standard TWAIN drivers.

Manage Addresses

  • Maintain addresses for Odyssey sites within the Odyssey client. This includes the option to automatically update or add addresses each time an item is received.
  • Migrate the address book from previous Odyssey client versions.

Delivery Options for Incoming Documents

  • Automatic printing of incoming files.
  • Automatic conversion of incoming files to PDF.
  • Automatic posting of files to a specified file or folder.

Automatic Updating

  • Odyssey automatically checks for new versions or maintenance releases and installs them locally.

Security Features

  • Utilizes a single port for ease of firewall modification.

Statistical Analysis

  • Analyze trends by reviewing documents sent and received as well as institutions in your address book.

Odyssey and Unicode

The Odyssey Manager is now Unicode compliant (as of version Odyssey Standalone is also now Unicode compliant.

All queries used with the Odyssey Manager are prefixed with "N" to be Unicode safe.

Bibliographic Data

ILLiad does not include bibliographic data in Odyssey Manager transmissions.

In order to include bibliographic data in Odyssey Manager to Odyssey Manager transmissions and Odyssey Manager to Standalone Client transmissions, the data should be included as a note containing Unicode characters.

To ensure this is handled properly, ILLiad calls UTF8Decode on the note value when it is inserted into the database.

Note that the Standalone Client does send bibliographic data to Odyssey Manager, if the data exists.

When the client pulse the Odyssey Received documents from the server, the XML is properly encoded and the data displays correctly on the Electronic Delivery form.