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Ares Client Logging

The Ares client is configured for logging using a log.config xml file. To assist with troubleshooting and feedback, you can adjust the level of information gathered by manually editing the xml file or by changing settings in the Log Configuration section in the Ares client. You can also change the log file name or the directory it logs to, access the log file directory, and restore the default logging configuration within the client.


For this functionality to work, users must have read/write permissions to the AresClient.log.config file in the same path as the Ares client.

Changing Logging Settings

In the Ares Client, you can turn on debug logging as well as view the location of the log file and restore the default log settings.

  1. Click the Ares Icon in the top left corner of the Ares client.
  2. Click the Options button.
  3. To enable debug logging, check the Enable debug logging box.
  4. To view the log file, click Open Log File Location.
  5. To restore the default debug logging options, click Restore Default Logging Configuration.


Because using Debug can increase the number of log entries by quite a bit, the setting should be changed back to Info by unchecking the box as soon as troubleshooting is finished.

Enable debug loggingChecking this box enables debug logging for troubleshooting 
purposes. The logging option in the log.config file changes from 
Info to Debug when you click OK to close the Options menu.
Log file nameEditing this field changes the default name of the log file. This 
change is applied when you close the Options menu. Changing 
the file name does no affect the file's ability to be used for feedback.
Log file directoryEditing this field changes the default directory of the log file. This 
change is applied when you close the Options menu. Changing the 
file directory does not affect the file's ability to be used for feedback.
Open Log File LocationClicking this button opens the directory containing your log files.
Restore Default 
Logging Configuration
Clicking this button restores your log.config file back to the default 
configuration in the event it has been manually edited to a broken 
state. This change overrides the Enable Debug Logging feature, 
if checked, and is applied when you close the Options menu.