ILLiad 8.4 Release Notes

These release notes document feature enhancements and the changes made to ILLiad in Version 8.4, released 29 May 2013. The current release notes document only additions and changes to the software and should be used together with the most recent ILLiad documentation.


Download the ILLiad 8.4 Client, web pages, templates and other files by going to ILLiad 8.4 Downloads. If you are using ILLiad 8.3, the 8.4 client update will prompt you to install it automatically.

Important Information

  • You must have Microsoft .Net Framework full version installed on both the ILLiad server and client workstations with this version of ILLiad.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.
  • You will need administrative privileges to install the ILLiad 8.4 client or to upgrade from earlier versions of ILLiad to 8.4.

ILLiad 8.4 Highlights

The following new features and enhancements have been added to ILLiad version 8.4:

  • Debug logging can be enabled from within the client
  • New builds of the client, DLL and WebCirc
  • .NetFramework 4.0 (client, customization manager)
  • New Web API platform facilitates exchange of request information between ILLiad and Aeon.
  • Updates to Overdues Processing

Features in ILLiad 8.4

Overdue Email Processing

Overdues processing has changed in ILLiad 8.4 to provide more information about the state of overdue items and to allow for manual processing of those items. Sites using 8.4 can automatically send out reminder emails and manually resend overdue emails if desired. In addition, the client Borrowing and Lending Overdues forms have been redesigned to allow easier processing.

A full overview of the additions and changes to Overdues processing including new features and the modifications to customization keys, email templates, print templates and client forms are outlined in detail in an Information box at Processing Borrowing Overdues and Lending Recalls.

  • Updated the design of Borrowing and Lending Overdues forms. Changes include a new single grid layout with more columns displayed by default and a custom-formatted LastOverdueNoticeSent column that displays the most recent notification sent as "Reminder Notice", "Notice 1", "Notice 2" or "Notice 3".
  • Added BorrowingOverdueReminder and LendingOverdueReminder default email templates. These templates are stored in the database and accessible in the Customization Manager under the E-mail Templates tab.
  • Added the ability for sites to send Reminder notices using new reminder email templates and Word documents for Borrowing and Lending. Sites no longer need to set the BorrowingOverdueGraceDays value to a negative number and use the BorrowingOverDue1 email as a reminder notice.
  • Added the ability for sites to manually resend Overdue email notices using email routing rules.

New Overdues Reminder Customization Keys

These keys are located in the Borrowing | Overdues section of the customization manager:

  • BorrowingReminderDaysBeforeDueDate: Used to determine how many days before the due date your reminder notice should be sent out. Default is 0. If 0, this feature is disabled and the System Manager will not send reminder emails.
  • BorrowingOverdueReminderEmailSubject:  Subject used in email notices sent out for Borrowing overdue reminders. Default: Reminder: your ILL item is due soon.
  • BorrowingOverdueReminderDocs: Determines which print template to use when printing Borrowing overdue reminders. Default: BorrowingOverdueReminderLetter.doc

The BorrowingReminderDaysBeforeDueDate key has also been added to the Policies section of the Customization Manager Setup Wizard

These keys are located in the Lending | Overdues section of the customization manager:

  • LendingReminderDaysBeforeDueDate: Used to determine how many days before the due date your reminder notice should be sent out. Default is 0. If 0, this feature is disabled and the System Manager will not send reminder emails.
  • LendingOverdueReminderEmailSubject: Subject used in email notices sent out for Lending overdue reminders. Default: Reminder: your ILL item is due soon.
  • LendingOverdueReminderDocs: Determines which print template to use when printing Lending overdue reminders. Default: LendingOverdueReminderLetter.doc

The LendingReminderDaysBeforeDueDate key has also been added to the Policies section of the Customization Manager Setup Wizard

Overdues Customization Key Name Changes

All Borrowing Overdue customization keys have been renamed to include the ProcessType prefix. These keys are automatically renamed during the 8.4 update in both the Customization and CustomizationTracking tables and have been renamed in the Customization Setup Wizard: 

  • BlockOnThirdOverdue : BorrowingBlockOnThirdOverdue
  • Overdue1EMailSubject : BorrowingOverdue1EMailSubject
  • Overdue2EMailSubject : BorrowingOverdue2EMailSubject
  • Overdue3EMailSubject: BorrowingOverdue3EmailSubject
  • OverdueGraceDays: BorrowingOverdueGraceDays
  • OverdueNoticeOneDays: BorrowingOverdueNoticeOneDays
  • OverdueNoticeTwoDays: BorrowingOverdueNoticeTwoDays

Overdues Customization Keys Removed

The OverdueEmailFileName customization keys have been removed. The emails generated by the System Manager looks for specific template names that should not be customized by the user.

  • Overdue1EmailFileName
  • Overdue2EmailFileName
  • Overdue3EmailFileName
  • LendingOverdue1EmailFileName
  • LendingOverdue2EmailFileName
  • LendingOverdue3EmailFileName

Overdues Email Template Name Changes

Templates for Borrowing Overdue notices have been renamed to include the ProcessType prefix. These templates are automatically renamed during the 8.4 update.

If you have EmailRouting entries pointing to the old template, they will need to be updated manually.

  • Overdue1: BorrowingOverdue1
  • Overdue2: BorrowingOverdue2
  • Overdue3: BorrowingOverdue3

Article Exchange Integration

You can now receive and import Article Exchange requests directly into the ILLiad client, and process Article Exchange requests through ILLiad Electronic Delivery along with Odyssey requests.


In order to use these Article Exchange features, additional configuration is necessary. Your web server must have an SSL certificate (OCLC and Atlas hosted servers can coordinate with your hosted server provider). Article Exchange communicates with OCLC via an ILLiad web platform. This communication requires a WSKey and secret to be obtained from OCLC.

Updates to Default Web Pages

The items listed below have been incorporated into the new ILLiad 8.4 default web pages. New installations of ILLiad 8.4 will use these default web pages. If your institution is updating to ILLiad 8.4 from an earlier version and you want to use these features, you have two options:

  1. Replace your current pages with the new default ILLiad 8.4 web pages. The ILLiad 8.4 default web pages can be found in a zip file on the ILLiad 8.4 Downloads page and in the ILLiad Updates folder.
  2. Edit your current pages to incorporate the desired features into your web interface. Use the new pages as a guide to help you make your edits.
    • main CSS form: Modified the main CSS file of the default Borrowing pages to remove reference to Internal IP in the urlPDF link. Existing sites will need to manually update the .urlPDF link in the Borroing main CSS form as shown below. Lending pages do not need to be altered as the class in the CSS is not currently used by the Lending DLL. 

      Remove the text below:

      And add the "images/pdficon.gif" text below:

Web Platform Integration

New web services in the API web platform allow integration between ILLiad and Aeon.

  • Send requests back and forth from the ILLiad to Aeon.
  • Receive responses and notes directly in the ILLiad client.

Logon to Patron Web Accounts

You can now view the ILLiad web pages from a specific user's perspective.

  • Access the ILLiad web pages through the user form in the ILLiad client.
  • Submit requests on behalf of a user via the web interface.

Other Features

  • Added BorrowingOverdueReminderLetter.doc and LendingOverdueReminder.doc print templates.These templates are added to the Print folder for all new installations. Sites updating to 8.4 can get the templates from their Updates folder or from the ILLiad 8.4 Downloads page.
  • Added the Awaiting Doc Provider Processing queue back to the Request form Routing menu as a System queue.
  • Modified the Location (NVTGC) dropdown field in the User and Users to Clear forms to populate using values from the DeliveryLocations table. Web pages continue to pull values from the NVTGC GroupName in the CustomDropDown table, allowing sites to use different values in the client and web interface.
  • Added ItemInfo[1-5] to the list of fields transferred with the request through LOCL lender processing.
  • Replaced the Settings form under the the ILLiad Icon with an Options form that allows staff access to current client customizations as well as a new Resources area containing useful information such as SQL server connection, version information and helpful web links to documentation, TLS, OCLC, etc.
  • Added the ability to enable debug logging from within the client interface. This is available in the Options screen accessible through the ILLiad icon.
  • Modified the default value of the CCCHomepage key to the updated URL for the Copyright Clearance Center's TRS Terms & Conditions page for sites updating to 8.4 and new installations:
  • Added a FieldCustomizations table to the database containing the data input into the Field Customizations table in the staff manager.
  • Added a Field Customizations table to the staff manager allowing staff to rename or hide fields from grids and forms in the ILLiad client on a user by user basis.
  • Added a Can Logon to Web as User checkbox to Client Access (Module Permissions) to restrict access to user web accounts on a staff by staff basis.
  • The status "Awaiting Odyssey Scanning" no longer exists, and has been replaced by "Awaiting Lending Scanning."

Corrected Issues in ILLiad 8.4

  • Corrected an issue that caused custom searches saved over existing searches to save incorrectly if the new file was smaller than the existing file.
  • Corrected an issue that caused custom searches that include tables other than the standard join tables to display an error.
  • Added exception handling and logging to custom searching to deter and track an error that may occur when saved search/report (irp) files are in use by staff.
  • Modified the Request forms to allow editing of the Item Num/Ref Num field in Item Information. 
  • Corrected an error that prohibited lender strings containing the symbols : (colon) or - (dash)  from being added to groups in Groups Maintenance.
  • Modified printing to correctly send printed xls files for documents generated using the print queue (Clear Print Queue, Add to Print Queue, Print and Empty Queue commands) to the My Documents/ILLiad/Print folder instead of the Print folder under the application's start up path. Sites may need to remap the datasource to the new .xls files in the documents folder.
  • Modified printing of Printed.xls and LPrinted.xls datasource files to correctly export the column headers to include the table name, i.e., Transactions_TransactionNumber. 
  • Modified PubMed Z39.50 searching to display the abstract text instead of the default asn.1 to correct an error causing the Record Detail tab to display information in XML format.
  • Corrected an error in the Update Stacks Search form that caused Odyssey requests to move to Awaiting Lending Scanning instead of Awaiting Shipping Label Printing when the Odyssey checkbox was unchecked.
  • Corrected an error that caused the Active and Expiration dates in Web Alerts to be saved with the current time of the client machine. The time component of existing alerts will be removed from the database during the 8.4 update.
  • Corrected an error in the Customization Manager that incorrectly allowed customization keys copied to selected sites to be copied to all sites.
  • Corrected an error in the Customization Manager that prohibited the Setup Wizard from selecting tables in the tree list.
  • Removed duplicate WebDefaultCity, WebDefaultState, and WebDefaultZip keys from the Contact Information section of the Setup Wizard. 
  • Corrected an error in the Customization Manager that caused an unhandled exception when attempting to edit table items in tables that contain auto-increment fields.
  • Reversed Customization Manager descriptions for the LendingOverdue[1,2,3]EmailFileName and LendingOverdue[1,2,3]EmailSubject keys.
  • Removed the Lending. category in the Customization Manager and moved LendingOverdue3Docs key to the Lending category.
  • Modified the Routing table to default to ordering by the RuleNo column.
  • Modified the installer to correctly populate the NVTGC entries to the CustomDropDown table for new 8.4 installations, allowing the web pages to display "ILL Office" for Delivery Location and setting the value stored in the database for the user to "ILL".
  • Corrected spacing error in Customization Manager table editing that caused the word ILL to appear as IL L.
  • Corrected spelling error in the the Customization Manager description for the LDAPSearchFilter key.
  • Corrected the value in the ILLDDLoanDeliveryNotifyEmailFileName key to illddloandel.txt. 
  • Corrected an error that caused user passwords changed in the Staff Manager to be reset back to the original password when saved.
  • Added exception handling to Staff Manager to properly handle SQL errors that occured when trying to save or copy users or permissions.
  • Modified the UpdateCustomization key script for the Shared Server Manager to prevent errors from occurring when updating customization key names where a new name may already exist.
  • Corrected an error in Odyssey Helper that caused PDF sending to fail by evaluating the OdysseyVersion of the last transaction that was processed versus the transaction currently being sent for a site using Odyssey version 3.
  • Modified Odyssey Helper to disable the Charge/Update button if no records exist to be displayed.
  • Corrected an error in Odyssey Helper that prevented billing details from refreshing properly when switching processing types if one processing type had no transactions.
  • Corrected an error in Odyssey Helper that allowed multiple routing rules to be applied and prevented history entries from being created when applying routing rules.
  • Modified the Rapid Manager SQL query performed to receive transactions in DownloadLendingResends so that it is parameterized to search Transactions.ILLNumber by nvarchar instead of varchar to prevent non-numeric entries from causing Rapid Manager to fail. (This issue was corrected in version 8.3 as a result of the Unicode conversion; the query has been updated as a preventative measure.)
  • Modified the FormState functionality in the web pages to prevent an internal error from occurring when logging into accounts using the Forgot Password feature.
  • Corrected an error with the Logon to Web feature that prevented the DLL from allowing the session to open properly.

  • Corrected an error in the Billing Manager that allowed invoice numbers to conflict when running multiple Billing Managers. (This issue was corrected in version 8.3 as a result of a bug fix.)
  • Corrected an error in the Billing Manager that caused the application to launch when clicking the Cancel button. (This issue was corrected in versions after
  • Corrected an error in the Connection Manager that allowed multiple routing rules to be processed beyond the first match.
  • Corrected an error in the Connection Manager that prohibited History entries from recording on the Lending Request's History tab. 
  • Modified query in Database Manager used to delete Copyright Sessions to query TransactionNumber instead of Transaction so CopyrightSessions records delete correctly.
  • Corrected an error in WebCirc that caused the RenewalBeforeWindowDays value to work differently than the value in the DLL. 
  • Modified the dll to prevent logged in users from deleting, cancelling or viewing other user's alerts, transactions or electronically received articles.
  • Consolidated ILLiad.Core.Lender class ESPShipTo and EspShipTo properties.

ILLiad 8.4 Point Release Notes

12 June 2013 Client ( Point Release

  • Corrected an issue specific to those workstations that have both ILLiad and Ares installed on them. If you have already updated to previous to 12 June 2013, you will not be prompted to update, but you can download that client installation file from the ILLiad 8.4 Downloads page.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the wrong OCLC symbol to be used when IFM payment tokens were created for the Get It Now webservice.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing lending email notifications to not be generated on shared server installations.

25 July 2013 System Manager ( and Web Platform ( Point Release

This release includes updates to the System Manager ( and Web Platform ( and requires a server update. This release does not affect the ILLiad client.

System Manager

  • Fixed the SystemManager to block patrons on third overdue by looking at BorrowingBlockOnThirdOverdue customization key. The update will also rename the customization key from BlockOnThirdOverdue to BorrowingBlockOnThirdOverdue if it is not already set that way.


  • Modified Article Exchange lending notification emails to now use the LendingEmailFromName and LendingEmailFromAddress customization keys.
  • Fixed an issue where ILLiad requests could not be cancelled if the request was sent to Aeon and had been cancelled by Aeon staff.
  • Fixed an issue with the ILLiad WebPlatform that would occassionaly indicate requests were invalid due to time differences between the server and client. This has been an issue for some of the Get It Now pilot libraries.

11 November 2013 Client ( Point Release

This release includes an update to the ILLiad client files (Client, Customization Manager, Staff Manager) and does not require a server update.

  • ILLiad includes support for the live lookup of lenders’ “days to respond” value and lending fees when viewing OCLC holdings. This is a replacement for EMST (enter my symbol twice).

The EMST table is no longer used on the OCLC Request form. Symbols will no longer be duplicated in the Selected Lenders listbox if the symbol was an EMST library.

The ILLiad Customization Manager will no longer provide access to the EMST table.

Corrected Issues

  • When the ILLiad client screen was maximized on the screen and was then minimized, when restoring the client it was not coming back to the maximized size. This issue has been corrected and the client screen will now restore to the previous size.
  • When using the Electronic Delivery feature to deliver articles, a system error message was being displayed when the Zoom mode was enabled during the delivery of an article. This issue has been corrected.
  • In the LenderSelection form, when trying to copy the Bill To or Ship To information the address entries were not saving and would revert when the field was clicked on. This issue has been corrected and the address entries now save correctly.
  • When cancelling multiple lending requests, an error message was displayed and the client would freeze. This issue has been corrected and an error message is no longer displayed.
  • For Local requests, the LendingLibrary field was not setting correctly for the 2nd and any subsequent symbols in the LOCL lending string. This issue has been corrected and will now set correctly.
  • When the LenderAddress or LendingLibrary fields were changed on a Lending Record, the Mark Found Scan Now button was not available because the Odyssey information was not updated. This issue has been corrected, and the Mark Found Scan Now button is now available after a lender is selected from the LenderSelection form.
  • When routing Lending items to another site to fill (in shared server setups), there was no warning if that address doesn't exist. This issue has been corrected, and the LenderAddressNumber is reset when a lending request is routed to a different site and SSSLenderAddressesALL is set to Yes.

13 November 2013 Client ( Point Release

This release corrects the problem in the point release that caused the ILLiad client to crash on machines running Microsoft .Net 4.0.

This release includes an update to the Rapid Manager ( and requires a server update (see Updating ILLiad to Version 8.4 to view instructions on updating the ILLiad server). It does not require a client update. Many new features have been added:

  • ILLiad now supports Book requests through Rapid in both Borrowing and Lending. Rapid Book requests will work similarly to Book Chapter requests, except the RapidRequestType will be 'Book' and there will be no ArticlePages or ArticleTitle. Rapid currently will not support Received/Finished request statuses.
  • You can now configure Rapid to automatically lookup and populate holdings/location information for all incoming Lending requests, including non-Rapid requests. Items can be routed to a new queue Awaiting RAPID Holdings Lookup, and the Rapid Manager will look at items in this queue and search your library holdings. If located, the call number and location fields will be populated and the request will be routed back to Awaiting Lending Request Processing.
  • For Rapid Borrowing requests, when a request is Shipped by a lender, an entry is added to the History table and the Lender and Due Date (for book requests) fields are populated.
  • For Rapid Borrowing Book requests, due date information will be imported when a request is filled by a lender. Due dates for Lending Book requests will also be updated since it may differ from what is already set in the transaction record. RAPID currently has a global setting across all institutions that sets the due date on book requests to 8 weeks with no renewals.
  • When Rapid Borrowing Book requests are filled by a lender, the address information will be imported. It will then find an existing match in the LenderAddresses table based on the ESPBillTo field. As part of this update the Rapid addresses will have had their ESPBillTo and ESPShipTo fields modified. The ESPShipTo field will be cleared out until actual address information is imported. The ESPBillTo field will be changed to the Rapid Code and Rapid Branch like "ABC:Main Library". The Lender string will still be "RAPID:ABC". The Address1,2,3, and 4 fields will all be updated automatically based on the information found in the shipping address provided by Rapid.

27 February 2014 Rapid Manager (8.4.2) Point Release

  • This release fixes an issue where sometimes requests that are received by Odyssey will revert to a Request Sent status.