ILLiad 8.5 Release Notes

These release notes document feature enhancements and the changes made to ILLiad in Version 8.5, released 2 June 2014. The current release notes document only additions and changes to the software and should be used together with the most recent ILLiad documentation.


Download the ILLiad 8.5 Client, web pages, templates and other files by going to ILLiad 8.5 Downloads. If you are using ILLiad 8.4, the 8.5 client update will prompt you to install it automatically.

Borrowing Notifications

The Borrowing process has been modified to include an In Transit status before customers are contacted. This will allow staff to have more control over the timing of notifications sent to patrons.

  • New default email templates have been created and can be found and edited in the Customization Manager
  • The "In Transit to Pickup Location" queue has been created, and items will automatically move there before moving to "Awaiting Customer Contact"
  • Web Circ functionality has been updated to reflect these changes

Custom Flags

You can now use request flags to set aside specific items for special review or unique processing.

  • Create custom flags specific to your processes
  • Use flags in Borrowing, Lending, and Document Delivery
  • Configure client or server addons to utilize custom flags

Cloning Requests

You can now clone existing requests to the same user or to another user.

  • Cloning is possible in Borrowing, Document Delivery, and Lending
  • Citation information will be cloned, notes and history will not be cloned
  • Users will have the ability to clone their own requests on the web

Odyssey Helper Auto Mode

Auto Mode will allow you to send requests through Odyssey Helper without any staff intervention.

  • Easily enable Auto Mode by clicking a button
  • Any files saved in the specified Odyssey Helper folder will be automatically sent
  • Transactions will be updated and completed automatically

OCLC Terminology

The OCLC statuses displayed in ILLiad have been updated to reflect the new statuses now used in OCLC Worldshare ILL.

Other Features

  • The LenderRequestType field has been added in ILLiad 8.5. This allows a lender to change a request type before updating to Shipped (e.g. if a lender decides to fulfill an article request as a loan), and this change will register on the Borrowing side and the request type will be switched.
  • The Borrowing Customer Contact form has been modified to only send print and phone notifications since email notifications will now be automatically sent by the System Manager. Double-clicking a record will now open the request.
  • The EmailNotificationSchedule table has been removed from the database, and Borrowing and Doc Del notification emails can no longer be scheduled. Email notifications are now sent automatically by the System Manager when a request moves to the status of Awaiting Customer Contact or Awaiting Doc Del Customer Contact.
  • The EMST table has been repurposed to pull the Days to Respond values from the OCLC Policies Directory. The irregular values (8, 12, 16, or 20 days to respond) will be viewable on the Holdings form with superscripts and colors. The superscripts will either show a 2 (if it is 8 days to respond), a 3 (if it is 12 days to respond), or an asterisk (if the value is 16 or 20 days to respond). The 8 days to respond symbols will be blue, and 12 days or more symbols will be maroon.
  • Changes have been made to the request form processing ribbons to allow more space. The printing buttons have been removed from the processing ribbon and placed on a new Printing tab page on the ribbon. Copyright buttons from Borrowing were removed and placed on their own Copyright tab page on the ribbon when viewing Borrowing requests.
  • The ILLiad version number (e.g. has been removed from the title bar in all client applications. The version can still be viewed by clicking the ILLiad icon, Options, then Resources.
  • The OCLC Number field in ILLiad can now handle OCLC Numbers that exceed the maximum integer value (2,147,483,647).
  • The ILLiad Web Platform, designed to serve as an API for ILLiad, has begun to be opened up for access by third-party developers, and version support has been added for future growth.
  • OCLC Special Messages will now display as custom flags to make it easier to see and manage Special Messages.
  • The ILLiad Shared Server Manager tool has been updated, and will now copy over additional tables. These include BarometerExclusions, BorrowerStatus, EmailRouting, InvoiceSessions, EmailTemplates, WebFormValues, and WebValidation. The Shared Server Manager tool also now supports login in with Windows authentication, and it now enforces strict version matching and won't allow the 8.5 tool to be used with any version of ILLiad other than 8.5.
  • All ILLiad functions (ILLiad client, Customization Manager, System Manager, etc.) that log using a log.config file will now roll their logs to be [filename].1.log versus [filename].log.1 so that they retain the same file extension.
  • Articles can now be converted to PDF before sending through Article Exchange. The "Send via Article Exchange" button now has a dropdown to allow staff to choose the sending format.
  • The Transactions.LendingLibrary and LenderAddress/LenderAddressesALL.LenderString fields have been expanded to 40 characters if the previous size was smaller than 40. The primary key name for Lender Addresses has also been standardized to the newer PK_LenderAddresses.
  • ILLiad 8.5 has been updated to use OCLC's newest Worldcat Resource Sharing Web service (1.8). In this version the WsillStatus (Worldshare ILL) and LenderRequestType fields have been added, and will be shown at the bottom of the Saved Field Request Order list. ILLiad sites using the IDS service will also need to update to use the new IDS service due to OCLC changes.
  • The dialog box that appears in the client when changing an article to a loan or vice versa has been slightly changed from "Are you sure you want to overwrite information in the loan fields?" to "Do you want to overwrite information in the loan fields?"
  • The OCLC Alert type has been removed from the add notes form.
  • Bibliographic data will now be imported to the OCLC request regardless of the OCLC request type (article, loan). The data will be imported into the following fields:OCLC Author + Article Author into both the LoanAuthor and PhotoArticleAuthor fields
    • OCLC Title + ArticleTitle into the LoanTitle field
    • OCLC Title into the PhotoJournalTitle field
    • OCLC ArticleTitle into the PhotoArticleTitle field
    • OCLC Imprint into the LoanPublisher, PhotoItemPublisher and CitedIn fields
    • OCLC Edition into the LoadEdition, and PhotoItemEdition fields
    • OCLC Volume into the PhotoJournalVolume field
    • OCLC Issue into the PhotoJournalIssue field
    • OCLC Issue Date into the LoanDate and PhotoJournalYear fields
    • OCLC Pages into the PhotoJournalInclusivePages and CitedPages fields

Corrected Issues in ILLiad 8.5

ILLiad Client

Bug 7264Layout changes made on the Check In From Lending Library form were not being saved after exiting the form.
Bug 7715

When adding a note to a request, the "Recent notes" dropdown was displaying the list of notes with the oldest note at the top. This behavior has been changed, and now the most recent notes will display at the top.

Bug 5319 Some ILLiad icons were displaying incorrect images and resolution. This has been corrected, and all ILLiad icons have been updated.
Bug 8924In Copyright processing, if the PhotoJournalInclusivePages field contained an integer, that number was copied into the Pages field. Since the Pages field is used as a page count for billing/copyright purposes, this was not providing an accurate page count. This problem has been fixed, and when an integer is in the PhotoJournalInclusivePages field it will now be copied to the Pages field as 1.
Bug 5462In the Z39.50 tab, the search grid did not allow custom filtering for the Availability, Call Number, Holdings, or Location columns.
Bug 6846On a Lending request form, clicking the "View" button on the ribbon displayed different data than clicking the "..." after the Borrower symbol in the OCLC Information section. This has been corrected, and the Lender address data will now display in the same way.
Bug 6848When checking an item in from a lender, if the lender address information was blank, an error message would display. This issue has been corrected and the error message no longer appears.
Bug 8450When a user record form was opened for a user that had a cleared status of "New," the cleared status was being automatically changed to "Not Cleared." This issue has been corrected, and the status will now remain at "New" unless specifically changed by a Staff user.
Bug 8529In situations where the LendingCallNumberRequired customization key was set to Yes, clicking the "Mark Found" button on a Lending request form would display a dialog box to indicate a call number is required if the Call Number field was blank. After clicking Ok to exit the dialog box, the request form was unexpectedly being closed.
Bug 8989Various potential memory leaks have been addressed.
Bug 7740In some applications, the debug output was set to full. This has been changed to be pdb-only to increase application performance.
Bug 8820In Local routing, if a request had more than one NVTGC in the lending string and moved on past the first lender in the string, the BorrowerNVTGC, BorrowerTN, and ILL Number fields were not being copied.

Web Interface

Bug 7721The FAQ web page (FAQ.html) was attempting to use an include tag for the header filename, which did not work because the FAQ page is not processed by the DLL. The include tags have now been replaced with static links to stylesheets and the page will display properly.
Bug 7727The LocalInfo tag was incorrectly using the "name" parameter instead of the "field" parameter in the ElectronicDelivery.html and ElectronicDeliveryUndelete.html pages.
Bug 8228The link to the FAQ on the LendingFirstTime.html page was incorrectly linking to FAQ.html instead of LendingFAQ.html.
Bug 8229The LendingFirstTime.html web page had a link to a nonexistent page called ElectronicDeliveryInformation.html. This reference has now been removed from LendingFirstTime.html.
Bug 7094When ILLiad debug logging was enabled, it was possible for the debug log to display a user's password when there were errors authenticating on the login and registration web pages. This has been corrected, and the password will never display in the log.
Bug 7471The main DLL (outside of any site-specific folder) did not know which site to run under and was not processing custom dropdowns properly. To fix this, the priority that custom dropdowns are loaded has been altered.
Bug 9385When registering as a new user on the ILLiad web pages, if the user clicked the "Add Account" button on the Billing account page they would then see only a blank page. This has been corrected, and the user will no longer see the blank page.
Bug 7064Web Circulation (WebCirc) was displaying error messages when working with requests at the status of "Loans Recalled from Patrons." 
Bug 8259Although the process did not produce any visible errors, Staff users were unable to change their ILLiad password in Web Circulation (WebCirc). This has been corrected, and users can now successfully change their password in Web Circ.
Bug 9329

Javascript was not running on the default ILLiad request pages for servers that had an SSL certificate, which caused some page elements to not display correctly. This has been corrected in the default web pages.

Bug 8993

The ILLiad default web pages did not have the JQuery UI CSS referenced. This has been corrected, and the default web pages now include this reference.

Admin Tools

Bug 6824 Even when a Staff user was assigned to a specific NVTGC, the status bar in the Staff Manager displayed ALL as the user's NVTGC.
Bug 6842 The Shared Server Manager tool was not copying LenderAddress entries to new NVTGCs.
Bug 7063 If no valid logon.dbc filed existed, the Staff Manager crashed. A dialog box has now been added to explain that a connection file cannot be found.
Bug 7496 If a Logon account/NVTGC had a description associated with it (found in the description field for the Logon Account in the SQL Alias Manager), the NVTGC and description were not displaying properly in the Staff Manager. This was causing issues when new Staff users were created or updated to a NVTGC that had a description.
Bug 7604 When using the Shared Server Manager tool, copies of email templates were not being created for new NVTGSs. This has been corrected, and now the Overdue and Article Exchange templates will be copied by default for new NVTGSs.
Bug 9273 The ILLiad Shared Server Manager tool was unable to move Lender address records for NVTGCs containing an @ symbol. This has been corrected, and these records are now able to be copied.
Bug 7833 The Shared Server Manager tool was not granting permissions for the site users on the following tables: OCLCCollectionData, OCLCLocalHoldings, and OCLCDetailedHoldings.
Bug 9445 The MoveZSetting script used in the Shared Server Manager tool to move records to a new site was not working correctly. It was using the tag <#NVTGC> and <#SITE> but should have been using <#PrimarySite>. This has been corrected and the Shared Server Manager tool will now use the correct tag.


Bug 8296The Staff Manager did not have a default log.config file provided during installation. This has been corrected, and this file will now be provided.
Bug 7033The default RapidManager.log.config file was not being provided with new ILLiad server installations. The ILLiad 8.5 server installer will now create that default log.config file.
Bug 6953The system was not allowing sites to use ILLiad and LDAP authentication together. When non-LDAP users registered for the first time, their account was set to "Default" automatically instead of "ILLiad" which is required in order to use ILLiad authentication.
Bug 6654Errors were being caused in situations where an invalid value (instead of the default value) was used in a customization key. This problem has been fixed, and if an invalid value is used in a customization key, the key will revert back to the default value.
Bug 8960Shared server sites with an NVTGC containing an @ symbol were failing when building site lists.
Bug 9328Backups are no longer automatically created in the ILLiad server installer.

Electronic Delivery

Bug 6637 Odyssey Helper was not normalizing Odyssey addresses. If there were any trailing spaces or the Borrower NVTGC was duplicated in the OdysseyIP field, the address became malformed and would not be sent properly.
Bug 7062In situations where Odyssey Helper needed to use a file in the backup folder (c:\illiad\images\backup by default) instead of its main c:\illiad\images directory, once the file was processed and sent through Odyssey Helper the entire backup folder was being deleted. This problem has been corrected and the backup folder will no longer be deleted.
Bug 7708The OdysseyVersion field in Lender Addresses was being updated with each individual Odyssey request, and the field was being reverted from 3 to 2 which then caused problems with sending requests through Odyssey. The OdysseyVersion field will now only be updated if the version from the sending Odyssey server is higher than the existing value.
Bug 7893Sending Failed error messages were displaying in the Odyssey Manager fter only one attempt at sending a request through Odyssey. This has been fixed, and the error message will only display after several send attempts.
Bug 8230The OdysseyReminder customization key was not removed although its functionality was removed in ILLiad
8.4. The key has now been removed from the database.
Bug 7495Odyssey Helper was only using the base query for Borrowing and Document Delivery, and the Lender Addresses query had to be manually added. This has been corrected, and the base routing rule query in Odyssey Helper is now dependent on the transaction's process type (Lending or Doc Del).
Bug 8966Even when the OdysseyAutoElecDel and/or ArticleExchangeTrusted keys were set to Always, requests coming from a lender without an existing lender address record had to be processed manually. An address record will now be automatically created to allow the article to be processed without Staff intervention.
Bug 9338When an unknown file type came in through Odyssey, the request would be processed as normal and go to Delivered to Web even though the file was not viewable by the patron. Now, when an unknown content type is detected, a flag will be added to the request and the processing will not continue.
Bug 7784When checking in Article Exchange requests from the Check In from Lending Library form, an ESPUpdate Received entry was being added. This was sometimes causing a conflict when a duplicate Received entry was entered after the request was downloaded. This issue has been corrected, and the process of downloading the AE document and making it available using Odyssey Manager will now be the only time the ESPUpdate occurs.
Bug 8964If a request had a non-numeric ILL number, an Internal Server Error would occur when uploading documents to Article Exchange.
Bug 9061When Article Exchange articles were uploaded, the Web Platform was using the wrong OCLC UserAgent. 


Bug 6836Layout changes made on the OCLC workform were not being saved after exiting the form.
Bug 7375The OCLC ILLiad link in the ILLiad client was pointing to an unstable URL. The client will now point to the stable URL of
Bug 9067A previous server installer was missing a file (OCLC.dll v1.0.0.0) to the GAC which was preventing Article Exchange from working properly after clients updated to on the server.
Bug 7180The MARC 264 field was not being mapped to the Imprint field for incoming Lending OCLC requests. This has been corrected, and the MARC 264 field will now be used. If it is not available, the 260 field will be used.
Bug 7184Requests imported from OCLC were replacing any field that contained a colon with a semicolon.


Bug 7656 The client logon username field was not case sensitive, which was causing inaccurate data to display in the Staff Activity by Username report (which is case sensitive). The username field has been changed and is now case sensitive.
Bug 6774Web Reports were timing out when processing large amounts of data. To remedy this, the execution timeout for Web Reports has been increased to 10 minutes to allow for larger data sets.
Bug 7242In the Turnaround Time web report, some labels were mistakenly referring to Articles when they should have said Loans or Overall. This has been corrected, and the following labels were changed: The Loans tab said "Total Number of Selected Article Records" and now says "Total Number of Selected Loan Records," and The Overall tab said "Total Number of Selected Article Records" and now says "Total Number of Selected Overall Records."
Bug 7744The Summary Items were not displaying on the Copyright web report. This has been corrected, and will now display on the report.
Bug 7946The Summary Total for charges was not displaying on the Lending IFM Charges report. This was corrected and will now display, and the same issue has been corrected on the Copyright report, the Borrowing Invoices Received report, and the Requests By Username report.


Bug 5885Billing Manager was sometimes putting a NULL value into the DateGenerated field which was causing this error message on startup: "'//' is not a valid date." This has been corrected, and this error message will no longer display.
Bug 6854The Billing Manager view when opened was defaulting to the Reports tab. The default view is now the Non-Invoiced tab.
Bug 7605Billing Manager reports were not updated for changes made to the database in the ILLiad release. When trying to generate a report in the Billing Manager, field values were displaying as invalid.
Bug 8245Some EFTS files had carriage return/line feeds (CRLFs) in data fields which was causing invalid EFTS files. This has been corrected and the CRLFs have been removed.


Bug 6943When using a print filter that produced no results, Microsoft Word would still open. Now, if a filter is used that produces no results, a message will display indicating that printing failed due to the filtering string.
Bug 6822Invoices were sometimes not merging correctly, and would not display customer details. This was corrected, and new invoices can be downloaded from the ILLiad 8.5 Downloads page.


Bug 6869 The SSLStartMode values set in SMTP.config were being overridden by the EmailSecure customization key which was causing problems since the EmailSecure key did not exist by default. This has been corrected, and the EmailSecure customization key now exists by default and will be checked first, followed by a custom SMTP.config file if it exists.
Bug 9171The LendingOverdue3 email template contained text that indicated a borrower would be blocked, but no action was actually taken in ILLiad to block a borrower. The LendingOverdue3 template has been corrected in new installations of ILLiad. Existing installations (sites updating to ILLiad 8.5) will only have the template modified if there have been no changes made to the body of the template.


Bug 7101 The Docline Borrowing Importing form was missing a format parameter.
Bug 7057When Docline requests were imported in both Lending and Document Delivery, in some cases the page number information being imported was incorrect. Pages in the citation will now be parsed to look for a period if additional data appears after a page range to ensure only the page numbers are imported.


Bug 7648In the Worldcat Local addon, the lua script code was missing a colon and was not searching the ISBN properly in loan requests. This has been corrected, and the addon's "Seach ISXN" function will now work properly for both articles and loans.

ILLiad 8.5 Point Release Notes Connection Manager

14 May 2014 ILLiad Connection Manager ( Point Release

  • Bug 9535: The ILLiad Connection Manager was automatically routing items with the problem status (Special Message) of Borrower Received to the Awaiting Receipt Verification Processing queue, and items with the problem status of Borrower Overdue to the Awaiting Overdue Processing queue. This has been fixed, and items will no longer be routed to these queues. DLL

20 June 2014 DLL ( Point Release

  • Bug 9697: When cloning requests, if a field was blank it was pulling in the value of the last non-blank field that was displayed.
  • Bug 9698: The "Resubmit Request" option in the MENU tag was misspelled as "Resumbit." Odyssey Manager

16 July 2014 Odyssey Manager ( Point Release

  • Bug 9746: Odyssey address normalization was sometimes improperly parsing domain names. Client and DLL

6 August 2014 Client ( and DLL ( Point Release

  • This release includes an update to the ILLiad client files (Client, Customization Manager, Staff Manager), and you will be prompted to update when opening the ILLiad client. Alternatively, you can download the updater file from the ILLiad 8.5 Downloads page.
  • This release also includes an update to the DLL ( and requires a server update.

ILLiad Client

  • The ILLiad client, Customization Manager, Staff Manager, and Odyssey Helper will now check each time they are opened to see if they match the current installed version of the ILLiad server. If they do not match, a version check warning will display.
  • On the Lender Address form, the Default Shipping Loan and Default Shipping Article fields will no longer allow values to be typed in. These values must be populated from the BillingShippingFees table in the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  • Bug 9676: On the ILLiad main screen, it was not possible to access the System Error Flags by double-clicking on that status in the System Alerts section. This has been corrected, and they can now be viewed by double-clicking on the status.
  • Bug 9677: The Copy Permissions button in the ILLiad Staff Manager was not displaying the popup dialog to perform this function. This has been corrected, and the dialog will now display.
  • Bug 9683: The "Renewed by Customer to...", "Renewed by ILL Staff until...", and "Request Held until..." status queues were not able to be opened by double-clicking from the ILLiad main screen. This has been fixed, and these queues will now open when double-clicked.
  • Bug 9481: The Delete button was disabled on the Electronic Delivery form when the received file was a PDF. This has been changed, and a Delete button is now available for PDFs.
  • Bug 9462: At times when the OCLC WebService was down, the OCLC Resource Sharing Settings form in ILLiad would not open and would cause ILLiad to close. This has been corrected, and this form will no longer cause fatal exceptions.
  • Bug 9629: The OCLC Statuses form (accessed by clicking the Search/Review Statuses button) was not displaying records in OCLC statuses that had more than 500 requests. This has been fixed, and these requests will now display.
  • Bug 9789: If an OCLC request was deleted from the OCLC Statuses form in ILLiad, an exception would occur and the request form would not close. This has been fixed and the form will no longer close.
  • Bug 9643: If the Email folder was not set up and a specific Cancellation email was not defined in the Email Templates section of the Customization Manager, a fatal exception error would occur when a staff user attempted to cancel a request. This has been fixed, and this error will no longer occur.


  • The SendEmail command for ILLiad client Addons has been expanded to allow overriding of To, From, CC, and BCC address information.

Odyssey Helper

  • Odyssey Helper was using the BillingCategory field from the Transactions table instead of from the Users or LenderAddresses table, which was causing billing entries to be blank. This has been corrected, and Odyssey Helper will now pull the BillingCategory field from the correct table.
  • Bug 9612: Odyssey Helper was displaying error messages in situations where Document Delivery transactions had a Lender associated with them. This has been fixed, and the error will no longer appear.
  • Bug 9815: Odyssey Helper was attempting to validate .sent files as Odyssey enabled instead of just updating them. This has been corrected, and Odyssey Helper will now update the files.


  • Bug 9634: In a Shared Server setup, when a user tried to switch to a different NVTGC on the ChangeUserInformation.html web page, the DLL would cause a redirect loop because the DLL and WebPath were not matching. This has been resolved, and the redirect will no longer happen. Client

4 November 2014 Client ( Point Release

  • There was a problem that was forcing https connections to use SSL v3.0 after a Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) search was performed. This has been resolved, and SSL 3.0 will no longer be used.