Local Routing for Lending

Routing Lending Requests TO Another Library

Local routing allows you to move a lending requests to another library in your system for fulfillment.

  1. Identify the item is not available at your branch but looks to be available at another branch. Save Call Number and Location.
  2. Click the Route button. 
  3. Click Route to Site to display the branch options.
  4. Select a branch from the list.
  5. The request will be moved to the Awaiting Local Request Processing queue at the selected branch.

Processing Requests FROM Another Library

If you are using Local Processing, the custom queue of Awaiting Local Request Processing must be created in the Customization Manager. 

Requests routed through Local Routing will automatically appear in the Awaiting Local Request Processing queue.

Process these requests as you would process other Lending requests.

Note that Conditionals are handled differently than those sent for an OCLC-based request.

Workflow Option


If Borrowers in the Local Requesting system routinely add the Call Number and Location information to Local Requests, you may want to consider routing these requests directly to the Awaiting Stacks Searching queue for printing.