As of ILLiad 8.6, ALL email templates are stored in the database and can be accessed and edited from the ILLiad Customization Manager.

Templates Already in the Customization Manager

The following email templates should have already existed in the ILLiad Customization Manager before updating to ILLiad 8.6. The ILLiad Updater converted them to the new 8.6 names and changed the tags to the new format. You may want to review these emails at this time.

ILLiad 8.5 NameILLiad 8.6 Name
BorrowingOverdue1Borrowing Overdue 1
BorrowingOverdue2Borrowing Overdue 2
BorrowingOverdue3Borrowing Overdue 3
BorrowingOverdueReminderBorrowing Overdue Reminder
LendingOverdue1Lending Overdue 1
LendingOverdue2Lending Overdue 2
LendingOverdue3Lending Overdue 3
LendingOverdueReminderLending Overdue Reminder
ArticleExchangeLendingNotificationArticle Exchange Lending Delivery
 ILLArticleNotifyILL Borrowing Article Pickup
 ILLArticleDeliveryNotifyILL Borrowing Article Delivery
 ILLLoanNotifyILL Borrowing Loan Pickup
ILLLoanDeliveryNotifyILL Borrowing Loan Delivery
ILLDDArticleNotifyILL Doc Del Article Pickup
ILLDDArticleDeliveryNotifyILL Doc Del Article Delivery
ILLDDLoanNotifyILL Doc Del Loan Pickup
ILLDDLoanDeliveryNotifyILL Doc Del Loan Delivery

Editing New Templates

After updating to ILLiad 8.6, ILLiad will no longer use .txt file email templates. If you did not move any of the following email templates to the Customization Manager before updating, you will need to edit them now.

New 8.6 Template NameOld .txt File Name
Auto Cleared User*autoclearcust.txt
Borrowing Password Reset*passwordreset.txt
Borrowing Cancellation Loancancel.txt
Borrowing Cancellation Articlecancel.txt
Cleared Userclearcus.txt
Disavowed Userdisavow.txt
Doc Del Cancellation Loancancel.txt
Doc Del Cancellation Articlecancel.txt
Borrowing Electronic Delivery*elecdel.txt
Doc Del Electronic Delivery*elecdel.txt
Lending Cancellation Loanlendingcancel.txt
Lending Cancellation Articlelendingcancel.txt
Lending Password Reset*lendpasswordreset.txt
Merged Usermergecus.txt

*Email template is located on your ILLiad server.


  1. Locate the .txt file (listed above) that contains your email template.
  2. Once you have located the .txt file and are ready to move it, in the Customization Manager click the Notification Templates tab.
  3. Click Edit and select the template you want to edit. The template names and their correspponding .txt file template are listed above.
  4. Make any needed changes to the template Description, Subject, Addresses, etc.
  5. Edit the template body. Some ways of doing this:
    1. If you like the default language, keep the template as it is.
    2. Edit the text of the template manually.
    3. Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) from the .txt file to the Customization Manager.
  6. Click Save.


You can easily add field tags to your template by right-clicking anywhere in the email template and selecting the appropriate field. This will pull in that value associated with the transaction, user, etc.