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Prior to Scheduling Training

Please make sure that the following tasks have been completed PRIOR to training.  Prior to Borrowing training, you will need to have made progress on your patron authentication method and web page editing. These are not required for training but will be important services to have available when you go live.

  • Patron Authentication
  • Web Page Customization

Additionally, you will want to set up the OpenURL linking from your OpenURL resolver/discovery aid (such as FirstSearch, Serials Solutions, SFX, etc.) to the ILLiad request page.Turn this on once you are ready to receive patron requests.

  • OpenURL Configuration

Questions about these tasks should be directed to the Atlas Customer Service agent assigned to your site. He or she will able answer your questions and help you to troubleshoot any problems. Please plan to schedule your training sessions 30 days in advance in order to allow for trainer calendars and your own implementation activities.

The day before training, verify that the following key is set in the Customization Manager. Log in and select System > OCLC > ConnectionManagerActiveBorrowing and change this to Yes and click the Save button at the top of the screen.

Training Overview

We will use a remote desktop environment to conduct training and learn the ILLiad workflow by processing  requests on your ILLiad service. You will need a speakerphone and computer that has the ILLiad client installed. If multiple people will be attending the training event, you may want to have the computer connected to a projector in a conference room environment. ILLiad Borrowing Processing training is site-specific and consists of a single three-hour online session. Please contact your Atlas Customer Service Agent to alert them when you are ready for borrowing training approximately 30 days in advance of the week that you would like to schedule training.

You will NOT go live with borrowing during this training session as you may need to customize your system in advance of your "go-live" event.

We encourage you to create a patron account from your ILLiad web pages and send some ILL requests that we can practice processing. You can set up test patron accounts and create test requests via your web pages. The trainer may also set up some test requests for practice. The borrowing processes allow participants to practice with test requests before making a complete shift to ILLiad. You can create test requests at any time prior to training while continuing to process your "real" requests in WCRS. These test requests can be deleted prior to going live with your patrons.

Training Objectives

Training content will include step-by-step processing instruction for ILLiad Borrowing will be conducted by processing live requests including test requests from the training.Your training will cover the topics listed below. You can print a formal checklist of training objectives here.

ILLiad Borrowing

Training participant will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Basic understanding of ILLiad web page functions and customization options
  • Basic understanding of ILLiad authentication methods
  • Managing patron accounts
  • Managing copyright tracking
  • Opening initial processing queue---Awaiting Request Processing
  • Searching local collections to verify material is lacking
  • Searching OCLC chose an appropriate record to make a request
  • Creating lending string
  • Creating and sending workform to WorldCat Resource Sharing
  • Receiving loaned materials
  • Creating received materials print documents
  • Notifying patrons of item receipt
  • Checking out items to and in from patrons
  • Updating borrowed item requests
  • Printing return shipping labels
  • Receiving electronically delivered items
    • Odyssey
    • Ariel
  • Delivering electronically received items to patrons’ web account
  • Notifying patrons of item delivery
  • Basic knowledge of non-routine processing
    • Conditionals
    • Renewals
    • Overdues

Pre-Training Preparations

A set of video tutorials that walk through the basic steps of ILLiad Borrowing Client processing are available online. Please review these prior to training.


After Training

When you have completed training, be sure to take advantage of the trial access to the Video Training Library, note in particular the Borrowing Review sessions. You can also use the quick tutorials to review specific steps in the process. Practice creating requests in the web interface and processing them in the ILLiad client. Check with your trainer to see if he/she is willing to receive and update your test requests in order for you to practice processing the receiving steps. You might also contact another friendly resource sharing librarian to do the same for you.

Let your Customer Service Agent know at least 48 hours ahead of your "go-live" date. He or she will remove any test requests from your ILLiad service and assist with other final configurations. Be sure to disable the OCLC Review file, if you have been using it for borrowing requests.

Evaluation and Feedback

Please complete the Atlas Training Evaluation Form so that we may further enhance our training program. Thank you!


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