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Zen Section

Two new web services make it possible for ILLiad staff to send requests to Aeon directly from the ILLiad client, and for Aeon staff to respond to requests directly from the Aeon client. These new web services are the ILLiad web platform and the Aeon web platform.

Configuration of the web platforms to allow these features is done in the ILLiad and Aeon Customization Managers.


To configure an ILLiad single server installation with Aeon, see ILLiad/Aeon Single Server Configuration.

To configure an ILLiad shared server installation with Aeon, see ILLiad/Aeon Shared Server Configuration.

Zen Section

SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate

Because the API Keys are used to validate requests and are not encrypted before sending, SSL protection is necessary in order to maintain security.

You can install an SSL Certificate on your Microsoft Internet Information Services so that all communications between the patron's web browser and the ILLiad Server are encrypted. Using the certificate, the username, password, ID number, etc., are encrypted before being sent. You can obtain these certifications from companies like Verisign (


Not all custom keys require an SSL certificate; however, it is highly recommended once a cert has been added to the server, to change all other custom keys (i.e., LendingWebURL or WebLogoUtURL) over to HTTPS.