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Zen Section

Request the WSKey

  1. After you have an account you can request your WSKey
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Request a WSKey.

    1. Fill in the Request a WSKey page as follows—
      1. Environment: ProductionServices (select all 3) :
        1. Article Exchange
        2. ILL Fee Management API
        3. Interlibrary Loan Policies Directory
      2. WSKey Name: ILLiad
      3. Reason: ILLiad functionaliy
      4. Registry ID: (leave blank) Beginning April 2018, you will need to include the Registry ID. Here is how to locate your libraries Registry ID.
        1. Open
        2. Search for your institution by name or OCLC symbol.
        3. Select Identifiers from the left menu.
        4. Your Idenitifer will display in the new window that opens.
      5. Symbol: (Your institution's OCLC symbol)
      6. Redirect URI: (leave blank)
      7. Usage: (leave blank)
  4. You will be notified once the key has been created by OCLC.

Generate the WSKey Secret

  1. After receiving the notification, you will need to generate the WSKey Secret.
    1. Select WSKeys.
    2. Click the link under the Secret column to display your WSKey secret.
  2. To learn how to configure ILLiad to use the WSKey and secret, see Configuring Article Exchange Integration.