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For more information on SQL Data Types please see Microsoft Developer Network Transact-SQL Data Types

Newly-created user records can be automatically appended with supplemental data, using a recurring job that loads data directly to a table in your database called UserValidation. This process is commonly referred to as a patron load and must be coordinated with an ILLiad database administrator.

Create a delimited text file containing the following fields in the exact order displayed with nulls only in fields allowing nulls and following all other rules for ILLiad field contents such as specific values allowed and password requirements as noted:


  • Verify that your WebValidation table supports the fields and values that you are specifying in UserValidation and NewAuthRegistration/ChangeUserInformation web pages.  Learn more about WebValidation at
  • Any fields that you want populated with defaults without user intervention that you do not supply via UserValidation you must specify as hidden fields on the NewAuthRegistration web page.  You will also need to comment out the matching non-hidden fields in the web page to defer to hidden values specified and prevent registrants from selecting values that overwrite your uservalidation UserValidation or hidden entries.  Learn more about hidden fields at
  • If you would like to display to the registrant the value supplied by UserValidation for registration but not allow them the registrant to modify it, you will need to make it readonly in the web page displayedit NewAuthRegistration.html to render the field read-only.  Ex. 

    <label for="EMailAddress">

                                    <span class="field">

                                        <span class="req">*</span>                                                                                

                                        <span class="<#ERROR name="ERROREMailAddress">"><strong>Email Address</strong></span>


                                    <input readonly id="EMailAddress" name="EMailAddress" type="text" size="40" class="f-name" value="<#PARAM name="EMailAddress">"><br>                                                                                          


  • If you are an EZProxy user supplying ALL values that you want to collect in the user record with UserValidation entries and hidden fields, you will want to remove all webvalidation entries except for FirstName validated with .* and add error message of “Issue with User Record.  Please contact ILL Staff at 555-555-5555.”  This prevents EZProxy users who are authenticated but not in UserValidation table from registering without contacting ILL staff to inform of missing record.