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Zen Section

Released June 2016


Support for ILLiad 8.5 ends 1 September 2016

Support for ILLiad 8.6 ends TBD28 February 2019





Zen Section

Important Update Information

  •  The ILLiad server updater now uses secure HTTPS to download updated files.
  •  Server Addons can now be stored in the database and there is a new user interface for managing them in the Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring Server Addons for more information.


Zen Section

ILLiad 8.7 Point Release Notes

24 June 2016 DLL (8.7.1) Release

This point release only contains a DLL update. Use the server updater (ILLiad Server Automatic Updater) to perform this update.

(tick)Fixed  The ability to use .* as a regular expression for WebValidation has been restored.

20 January 2017 DLL (8.7.2) Release

This point release only contains a DLL update. Use the server updater (ILLiad Server Automatic Updater) to perform this update.

(tick)Fixed Fixed issue that could cause logons to not be persisted or RemoteAuth logins to not work when HTTP Headers/Cookies exceeded 4096 characters.


11 July 2017  Server and Client (8.7.2) and DLL (8.7.3) Release


The server must be updated prior to updating any client software.

Rapid Manager Changes for PatronNotes 

Rapid Manager supports sending additional information in the Rapid PatronNotes field. A customization key has been added, RapidBorrowingPatronNotes, to define mapping ILLiad fields or static data to be added to the Rapid field. An example of the customization value could be “<#Transaction.CitedTitle> <#Transaction.CitedDate> <#Transaction.CitedVolume> <#Transaction.CitedPages> <#Special.LastUserNote>”. Rapid Manager will attempt to clean up the patron note by removing any leading/trailing white space and any duplicate spaces found.  


Due to RAPID API limitations, the notes cannot be downloaded by RAPID lenders back into an ILLiad system. The PatronNotes are only available within the RAPID web interface at this time.


Additional Rapid Manager updates:

(tick)Fixed Fixed issue where Electronic Delivery Utility does not add symbol information for Rapid Requests 
(tick)Fixed  Fixed an issue that was creating duplicate Rapid addresses.

Docline Updates

Docline changes have been made to the Borrowing & Lending imports within the client. The bug fixes for importing require the ILLiad 8.7.2 client.

There are also updated Docline lua scripts installed through the Client updater if you are updating to 8.7.2 or on the ILLiad 9.0 Downloads NEEDS UPDATING page if you aren't ready to update but want to start using the new scripts. These scripts do not require ILLiad 8.7.2. They only affect the functionality of importing data when sending out borrowing requests. 

Included Docline Updates:


Fixed issue where citation information did not import for lending and borrowing requests when it is an ePub ahead of print.

(tick)Fixed Fixed issue where Docline requests with multiple page ranges were not imported.
(tick)Fixed Fixed issue where Lender and ILL number are sometimes not imported for Docline requests. 
(tick)Fixed Fixed issue where the Docline Search & Fill scripts can loop repeatedly from the results page 

Client Update

While this is a minor release, the client does require a database change made in the 8.7.2 server update. We’ve modified the client update locations so that staff users will only be prompted to update their client when their server has already been updated similar to major updates.


Web Platform Changes

You can now route requests, mark requests as unfilled or filled, add a transaction note, add a transaction history, create a transaction request, search for user by external user id, and search for user by username.  All of the new web platform functionality is documented in The ILLiad Web Platform API.


Additional items addressed:

(tick)Fixed  Fixed issue where Borrowing renewal request failed if Due Date is old
(tick)Fixed  Fixed issue where merging or deleting lenders from the custom search form causes an error.


Fixed  Updated the description of the WebDefaultNotifyGroup customization key.


Fixed Fixed issue where Leading/Trailing white space in OdysseySystemID caused SystemID checks to fail 
(tick)Fixed  Length of AEUrl field increased.
(tick)Fixed  Fixed issue where checking in ISO requests caused an error if the request had no ILL number
(tick)Fixed  Fixed issue where ILLiad web DLL kept PDF files in use after display
(tick)Fixed  Fixed issue causing 'Days to Respond' information from OCLC to not be updated.


17 July 2017  DLL (8.7.4) Release

(tick)Fixed  The ILLiad and ILLiadLending DLLs will now set the secure attribute of session cookies.
(tick)Fixed  If the WebRedirectProtocol customization key is not found, the DLL will set the attribute if it detects the HTTP request came through over (secure) port 443.


Fixed  If the LendingWebURL customization key is not found or does not start with https://, the DLL will set the attribute if it detects the HTTP request came through over (secure) port 443.