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Bug fixes and new features are added periodically as point releases.

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Considerations Before You Update

Checking the WebAuthtype Key

Sites who have set the RemoteAuthSupport customization key to Yes will need to set the WebAuthType key to RemoteAuth prior to the ILLiad 9.0 update. If the WebAuthType key is not set to RemoteAuth, the user will be prompted to change their password after the update even if the RemoteAuthSupport key is set to Yes. This is because the new password enhancements use the WebAuthType to determine which sites require the password changes.

Sites that have more than one PC

After ILLiad has updated, any user who has successfully logged in and changed their password in either the ILLiad 9.0 Client or ILLiad 9.0 Staff Manager will not be able to log into another workstation whose Client still operates under version 8.7.2. This is because the username has been updated with the new hashing methods which are not recognized in previous versions. Instead, download the ILLiad 9.0 Client Installer and run as an administrator on that machine. Once the Client has updated to version 9.0, then any staff member will be able to successfully log in on that workstation.

Adding the FORMSTATE Tag

Add the FORMSTATE tag to the ChangePassword.html pages. For more information, please read the FORMSTATE Tag guide.

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ILLiad Highlights

The following new features and enhancements have been added to ILLiad version 9.0.

FIPS Compliance | OCLC Requests | Appearance | Password Security | Miscellaneous

FIPS Compliance
FIPS Compliance

FIPS Compliance

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) can now be enabled for ILLiad.

  • 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms
  • Activated via the Windows group policy
  • FIPS compliance will be supported with ILLiad after the hashing customization keys are set in the Customization Manager with a numerical value (see StaffPasswordHashingIterations and WebPasswordHashingIterations customization keys for more information). 



If you need to utilize FIPS on your system after the update, you must update ALL passwords for staff members prior to activating it, or FIPS checking will prevent the system from running for the respective Staff user.

OCLC Requests
OCLC Requests


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ILLiad 9.0 Features & Fixes

For any questions on the ILLiad 9.0 features & fixes, please see the ILLiad 9.0 FAQ. For all other questions, please contact support.

Addons | Admin Tools | Authentication Database | Docline | ILLiad Client | Notifications | OCLC Web Pages | Web Platform

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(star)New The Chromium Browser is now available for ILLiad 9.0 and higher. Please see Chromium Browser and Chromium WebBrowser for more information.


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Web Pages


Updated default web pages by wrapping navigation in a <nav> tag for accessibility.

(info)ChangedAllow for renewals/cloning of OTH requests in Lending Web pages.
(info)ChangedAdded alert roles to error status lines for accessibility.
(info)ChangedDLL will now support multiple cookies.
(info)ChangedUpdated the ChangePassword.html, NewPassword.html, NewUserRegistration.html, LendingChangePassword.html, LendingNewPassword.html, and LendingNewUserRegistration.html default web pages by removing the <#PARAM> tags for any password fields so that data no longer persists when values are incorrect.
(tick)  Fixed Fixed the closing brace in the include_head.html page to the proper tag syntax. The <![endif]--0 has been changed to ![endif]-->
(tick)  FixedFixed an issue where the DLL would not handle invalid OpenURLFieldValues with invalid tag syntax. ie. "<#rft.btitle" (missing closing bracket)
(tick)  FixedFixed issue of SCountry not working properly on the ChangeUserInformation and NewAuthRegistration pages.
(tick)  Fixed Fixed Unicode issues where Unicode characters and diacritics were not handled properly in Lending Web DLL.
(tick)  Fixed Fixed web display status issues for delivery locations.
(tick)  Fixed Fixed an issue where some Unicode characters are not properly encoded on OpenURL submissions if the user must log in first.
(tick)  Fixed Updated the default ReviewRequestHistory.html page by replacing 'History Requests' with 'Request History'.