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Zen Section

Document Delivery requests are submitted to the system in the same ways as Borrowing requests and initially display in the ILLiad client in the Borrowing module. During processing, the requested items are identified as being owned by the local library system. The decision about whether to route to Document Delivery or Cancel the transaction as owned is often based on patron type, patron location, and whatever other criteria that an institution wishes to govern the Document Delivery process.

 To help prevent multiple staff users from processing a request at the same time, a request is moved into the Request In Processing status when it is opened from a Request Processing Queue. This status change will keep that request from displaying in the queue list and being readily available for processing from that list.

titleRequest In Process

A Request Queue is considered to be the following:

  • Any custom queue
  • Awaiting Ala ALA Request Processing
  • Awaiting Request Processing
  • Awaiting Document Delivery Processing
  • Awaiting Lending Request Processing
  • Awaiting Conditional Request Processing
  • Awaiting Renewal Request Processing


titleRequests are NOT locked

There is nothing to prevent another ILLiad staff member from finding that request another way–such as searching for the request and opening it from the search results--or if they had already had the request list open and the form was not refreshed, and from opening that request.