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Zen Section

ILLiad Server Installation from the Web Server

Return to the Atlas Systems web site at and Please see Obtaining the ILLiad Server Installation File to download the latest version of the ILLiad Server Installation program:

You will need to contact Atlas Systems, Inc. for the location of the needed file.

  • ILLiadServerInstallation.exe

Save the ILLiad Server Installation program to your desktop or to some other easily accessible location.

The ILLiad Server Installation Interface

When the download is complete, run the ILLiadServerInstallation.exe file. The ILLiad Server Installation program will appear.

Set Your Paths

Be sure that the paths specified in the top portion of the interface are the correct locations for your installation preferences and enter the correct IP address for the ILLiad web server in the appropriate field. You may need to change drive letters and/or paths from the default settings depending on your preferences and the complexity or your ILLiad Server setup. All path settings are from the point of view of the ILLiad Web server being installed EXCEPT the ILLiad Database Location. The ILLiad Database Location value should be set so that the specified path is correct from the perspective of the SQL Server. For example, if the value for this setting is the default: C:\ILLiadData, the location of the ILLData on the physical SQL Server machine should be C:\ILLiadData.

The BDE setting that was changed earlier in the setup process to point to the SQL Server machine will tell the ILLiad Server Installation program where to install the database.

Web Page DirectoryThis is the folder to which the ILLiad web pages will be installed.
This directory must be set executable through the IIS Internet
Service Manager before the ILLiad web pages will function.
ILLiad Database LocationThis is the folder on the SQL Server machine to which the
ILLiad Database will be installed.
Setup Download DirectoryThis directory is used by setup to download current versions
of the files
needed as well as the scripts to create the ILLiad system.
ILLiad Database BackupThis directory is where the ILLiad Database backup is to be located.
Web/File Server IP AddressThis should be the IP Address or DNS of the ILLiad Web/File Server.
ILLiad Database NameThis should be the name of the ILLiad database, usually ILLData.
Windows Scheduled Task DirectoryThis path is typically set to C:\Windows\Tasks\.

Both the borrowing and lending DLL’s require the logon.txt file to exist in the same folder as the dll so it knows which DB username to connect with when running as a shared server.  

The first line of the logon.txt file must contain the SQL Server username that the DLL should connect with and is all that is required to be in the file. A corresponding logon account in the DBC should exist with the same username. As an example, dbc that is shown below contains an account for WASHINGTON, so the logon.txt file would exist with the first line containing WASHINGTON. Any additional lines in the file are ignored.