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When requests are imported, the database matches up the information from the incoming OCLC request to verify the address. In this section, we will discuss how the database matches up against this information, what happens if the information does not match up, and what you can do to make sure this information matches up next time.

LenderAddress Match-up

The Connection Manager pulls the information from the incoming OCLC request and compares it against the ESPBillTo and ESPShipTo fields. The match must be exact.


The data extracted from the OCLC request is in the ShipToAttention/ShipToAddress1/ShipToAddress2/ShipToLocality ShipToRegion ShipToPostal ShipToCountry format.

Below are examples of what the imported data from the OCLC request will look like in ILLiad.


Interlibrary Loan Service/ILL Northwestern University Library/1970 Campus Drive/Evanston US-IL 60208-2300 US

Imported Information tab or the Lending Requests table

ShipToAddress1: ILL Northwestern University Library


ShipToPostal: 60208-2300

ShipToCountry: US

Blank Fields

If there were any blank fields then they would be removed from the match. For example, if ShipAttentionTo was removed then the data would read:

  • ShipToAddress1/ShipToAddress2/ShipToLocality ShipToRegion ShipToPostal ShipToCountry
  • ILL Northwestern University Library/1970 Campus Drive/Evanston US-IL 60208-2300 US

If the LenderAddress Did Not Match-up

The Lender selection form appears in the client when a LenderAddressNumber is not set on the transaction record.