This is a Server Addon and is installed using the ILLiad Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring Server Addons for more information.

NameItem Auto Renew Addon
AuthorAndrew Morgan
Interlibrary Loan Lending & Document Delivery Manager
Joyner Library (ERE)
East Carolina University
This addon processes items that have been granted or denied renewals by the
lending library, sending e-mails to notify patrons and routing the requests appropriately.


The addon monitors the 'Awaiting Renewal OK Processing' and the 'Awaiting Denied Renewal Processing' queues.

 For each transaction in either of the 2 queues, the addon will search the transaction's notes for a new due date, and then set the transactions DueDate to the new date. The addon will then send an email to the associated patron and will route the transaction to either the 'Customer Notified via E-Mail' queue or the 'Checked Out to Customer' queue, depending on the value of the transaction's LibraryUseOnly flag.

 Any transactions that have an NVTGC matching one of the values in the configurable list will be excluded from these rules.


 - file


Addon settings can be configured in the Manage Addons form.




Item Renewed 


Name of e-mail to be sent when a renewal is granted.


Item Denied


Name of e-mail to be sent when a renewal is denied.


Library Use Only - Item Renewed


Name of e-mail to be sent to the Borrowing Manager when an in-library use only item is renewed so the due date can be updated while it is on the shelf.

Alternatively, you could use this to send a different e-mail to the patron for in-library use only items.




List of NVTGCs to exclude from AutoRenew. Any item that has an NVTGC in this list will not be auto renewed.

Enclose all NVTGCs in single quotes. Separate multiple NVTGCs with commas.

Example Configuration:
'ex1', 'ex2', 'ex3'