NameExLibris Alma Primo
AuthorIDS Project
DescriptionThe ExLibris Alma Primo addon searches ExLibris Alma/Primo Catalog for ISSN or Title for loans and articles and allows for input of Call Number and Location for Loans into the Details tab of the request.


Download zip file: ExLibris Alma


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

AutoSearchTrueBooleanDetermines whether or not the search should be done automatically when the request is opened.
StartwithISxNFalseBooleanDetermines whether or not the Addon should start the search with item ISxN.
PopupFalseBooleanDetermines whether or not you would like confirmation messages for location and call number input into the request form.
localurl StringEnter in your shortened URL for your catalog (e.g. Include the colon and port number if part of the string.
AddonRibbonName StringEnter the name that you would like to appear for the tab associated with this Addon (example: Alma) (example:Primo)