This is a Server Addon and is installed in the Customization Manager.

NameElectronic Delivery Reminder
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe Electronic Delivery Reminder Addon sends another Notification Email for electronic files (PDF) not viewed.

This addon determines if an electronic delivery message was sent based on an e-mail copy record existing with a subject of "Requested Item Delivered Electronically". If you have modified the values of the either the OdysseyElecDelEmailSubject or ElectronicDeliveryEMailSubject customization keys the addon code will need to be modified to reflect your subject(s) for items delivered electronically.


Download zip file for 8.5 and earlier:

Download zip file for 8.6 only:

Download zip file for 8.7 and later:


EmailNameElecDel ReminderStringName of the Email template to use.
Days5StringDays before file will be removed from Delivered to Web status that Reminders should begin sending.
EmailSubjectReminder of Item Delivered to view OnlineStringEmail Subject line on Notification Reminder.
SiteXYZStringSite code value that addon should run under, only used if SharedServerSupport is "Yes".