NameWorldCat Local
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe WorldCat Local Search Addon allows you to search Articles and Loans using a variety of criteria (title, ISSN, OCLC, etc.) and automatically shows search results.




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Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form. WorldCat Local Search performs a WorldCat search using the request title, ISxN or OCLC number.

WorldCat Local Search is Not Active by default. To hide the tab on your Request form, select No and Save Settings.

AutoSearchTrueBooleanDefines whether the search should be automatically performed when the form opens.
WorldCatURLHTTP AddressStringThe URL for WorldCat Local. Do not include a trailing slash.
SearchPriorityTitle, ISxN, OCLCStringDefines what order priority should be used when attempting to find a field to search by when using the auto search feature. Allowed fields are title, isxn and oclc.

Using this Addon

  1. To use the WorldCat Local Search Addon, click the WorldCat Local Search tab on the request form.
  2. If WorldCat Local has been set to search automatically, it will search using the available fields, and open to a list of search results.
  3. Click on the item in WorldCat Local you want to select to bring up that item page.
  4. If the search is not set to start automatically, you will see a blank page instead of a list of WorldCat Local Search results.
  5. Start the search by clicking the Search Title, Search ISxN or Search OCLC button on the WorldCat Local ribbon.
  6. Use the BackForwardStop and Refresh buttons in the WorldCat Local ribbon to move between pages, refresh pages and stop loading a page.